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NOTE: 'N5FC' is my former call, so you will likely observe references to it.

N5ESE's Ham Radio Page

Welcome! Monty has been a ham for 35+ years. Recently, I changed my call under the Vanity Call system from N5FC to N5ESE. If you're a CW op, and sound out 'ESE', you'll understand why. Most of my operating has been on CW HF (much of it QRP), and the bulk of my operating time has been spent "ragchewing". My on-the-air time comes and goes in cycles, but my love of building electronics never seems to go away. As we build new projects, we'll make them available here on the web, for whoever might get a chuckle out of my techniques, or whoever might be foolish enough to duplicate something I hobbled together.

By the way, personal sites like mine take a lot of spare time, and the biggest reward is feedback from observers. I also learn a lot from your parallel (and sometime oblique) experiences. So don't be bashful about sending e-mail related to the web site or these projects: n5ese@n5ese.com

Hidden Treasures (Revealed)

Don't miss our "GIZMO's" page, where you'll find over a dozen weekend projects that are tailor-made for the QRP homebrewer. (#17, below)

If you share my compulsion, check out my hamfest display of Altoids projects -here-

Note that NEW projects are added near the bottom of the list, so don't forget to scroll down...

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1. N5ESE's Ongoing Ham-Bio...Find out more about N5ESE (ex-N5FC)
2. IN3 DC-RX...See my Itty-Bitty (Really!) 40 Meter Receiver
3. The Ten Tec 1340... 40-Meter CW QRP Transceiver Kit I built (and Mods)
4. N5ESE Keyer...My homebrew Iambic CMOS Keyer

<5 <6 <7 <8

5. 2 M GP...Check out our 2 meter Portable Ground-Plane (for mag-mount antennas)
6. Notebook Antenna...For extremely portable indoor HF ops
7. The DCTL Antenna...another HF ant for portable indoor operation
8. Norcal SMK-1...a 40-Meter Xcvr in a Surface-Mount kit

<9 <10 <11 <12

9. Norcal BLT...a Z-Match Antenna Tuner Kit to match the SMK-1
10. K5JHF MCD...a pocket-sized Morse Tutor for learning CW
11. SWL Freq-Mite...a morse-annunciated Frequency Counter Kit
12. WE6W CW Speaker...Here's my prototype of an acoustically resonant speaker

<13 <14 <15 < 16

13. Emtech ZM-2... a nifty little QRP Antenna Tuner KIt I built
14. Shielded Loop Receiving Antennas...low noise and bi-directional
15. Portable Solar Power...Here's my 5W Portable Solar Charger Project
16. Battery Booster...And here's a neat little QRP accessory you can build

<17 <18 <19 <20

17. GIZMOs... noise gens, rf probes, dummy loads, attenuators, baluns, more...
18. Az Stinger Singer...Another Morse-encoded Frequency Counter Kit
19. The Unicounter... a one-eyed Frequency Counter Kit
20. A QRP Open-Wire/Twinlead Antenna Switch... finally, something truly useful!

<21 <22 <23 <24

21. N5ESE's Version of the K1EL CW Keyboard...with all the bells and whistles ...UPDATED!!...
22. Rebuilding the Ten-Tec Century 21 PTO... fixin' that annoying slippity vernier
23. A Digital Dial for the TenTec Century 21...utilizing KD1JV's 4-Digit Frequency Counter Kit
24. "Altoobs" 40 M CW Transmitter...two tubes, two watts, an Altoids tin, and it glows in the dark

<25 <26 <27 <28

25. A Compact 145-Volt Regulated Supply... for tube-type QRP transmitter and receiver projects
26. The Art of Scrounging... there are good parts to be had - free!
27. The DK9SQ Portable Telescoping Mast... my notes and observations
28. A Free-Standing Antenna Frame... for portable QRP antenna masts

<29 <30 <31 <32

29. The NorCal Nor'Easter... a keen SW Broadcast Receiver Kit of KD1JV design
30. A Dual Band Rock-Mite... N5ESE packages a dual-band version of K1SWL's teensy CW rig
31. The Tiny-Tornado... a minimalist CW transceiver kit by KA8MAV
32. The NoGaWatt... North Georgia QRP Club's fantastic wattmeter kit

<33 <34 <35 <36

33. The TenTec 1051... a noise bridge T-KIT for antenna tuning.
34. My Look at the RFD Antenna... or Endfed "Resonant Feedline Dipole"
35. The KD1JV AT Sprint... an amazingly small 3-band CW transceiver kit
36. Lightweight, Homebrew Open-wire Feedline... especially for portable ops

<37 <38 <39 <40

37. The KD1JV Tenna Dipper Kit... a po' boy SWR Analyzer
38. N5ESE's QRP Workbench... a storage project to keep the "evil eye" away!
39. The Elenco XP-720... a triple-output bench power supply kit (and a nifty little add-on)
40. The 87 ft Inverted L Portable Antenna...possibly my favorite QRP field antenna

<41 <42 <43 <44

41. The Classic Windom Portable Antenna...a real winner in the field
42. The Elecraft T1 Automatic Antenna Tuner Kit...from a QRPer's perspective
43. The M-Cubed SA Kit... that's "SA" for Semiconductor Analyzer
44. The M-Cubed FPM-1 Kit... a combo wideband frequency counter and power meter

<45 <46 <47 <48

45. The AmQRP Softrock 40 Receiver...actually, my dual-band, Altoids-enclosed version
46. The M-Cubed LCRZ Meter...measure inductance, capacitance, & resistance ...NEW!!...
47. The Elecraft XG2 Test Oscillator...a cheap and easy signal generator kit for hams ...NEW!!...
48. WA1JOS Touch Paddles...built in an Altoids Tin ...NEW!!...

<49 <50 <51 <52

49. The N5ESE T-R Switch...Transmit/Receive for QRP "Separates" ...NEW!!...
50. NEQRP SCAF Kit...superb (& cheap!) switch capacitor audio filter ...NEW!!...
51. N5ESE mini-solar charger...keeps NiMH/NiCd cells "topped off" ...Under Construction...
52. Recent QRP Portable Ops...my favorite operating activity "to the field"

<53 <54 <55 <56

53. Tube Testing for Nuthin'... a paper on characterizing vacuum tubes
54. Recent Ham Activities...Meetings, or dinners, or hamfests, etc, of possible interest
55. Swapfest Acquisitions...those unique finds I picked up for peanuts ...UPDATED!!...
56. More Projects...See what's currently in the works (but not yet complete)

HTML Tutorial<57 <58 <59

57. N5ESE's HTML Tutorial... you don't need nuthin' fancy to build really cool web pages!
58. The Club Sandwich... a project proposal for clubs
59. The N5ESE Morse ComeAlong Project...learn Morse Code, and get on the air!

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