KD1JV's ATS3 (AT Sprint_v3, 2005)

I had the opportunity to borrow this AT Sprint III in 2005, and do some
measurements on it. This one was built by the designer, Steve Weber, KD1JV.

Here's a picture of the inside:

The unit was capable of 4 bands, depending on which band module you installed. So one was generally left in the rig itself,
and the other 3 were stored in (what else?) an Altoids tin.

Here's a picture of the band modules (at least, 3 of them):

While it was in my possession, I made some measurements, summarized below:

The ATS3 was quickly replaced by the ATS3B, which covered 6 bands, but was still sized to fit in a standard Altoids Tin.

While the ATS3 was impressive, I found my ATSprint (Vesion 1) to be entirely usable
(albeit with 3 bands instead of 4), and I stuck with that.

Monty N5ESE

dit dididit dit

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